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Vitolas vs. the Well-Hung Cigar

I just wanted to write a quick piece about my perspective on cigar sizes and shapes. I’m not referring to the exacting Cuban specifications of vitolas, this is more a quick reflection on my relationship to the size of cigars. I recently received a Padilla Cava as part of a COTM club. This thing was, I believe, 8″ x 60, a real monster. And according to Cigars International:

“While Padilla normally scoffs at humungo sizes such as these, he figured he was better off throwing his hat in the ring with a high-quality product than letting all the other chumps steal all the glory.”

Um, WTF?

Maybe it’s because I’m not a Texas oil tycoon, but giant cigars do not float my boat at all. I find that the flavor is much better in the smaller ring guages. Below is a picture of some of my favorite vitolas:

vitola examples

I love lanceros, they provide a long cool, flavorful smoke. I enjoy perfectos of various types, which go through unique changes and are – in a fashion – the original cigar. And I enjoy smaller cigars in general, also because of the full-flavored experience. The CAO Brazilia pictured above is a really nice short smoke in this, the Carioca, size.

This whole ‘make a bigger cigar’ thing completely escapes me and I feel it distorts the market. It is ridiculously difficult to get lanceros, yet they are often one of the best smoking experiences. Is it because Americans are afraid of looking too effete? I don’t know.

That’s my two cents.


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