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Paul Stulac Lord

I want to talk a little bit about why I choose to review what I do. Firstly, I’m not a professional. I can’t keep up with the cutting edge guys. I don’t have the budget or connections to keep up with the hot new sticks. I’d be kidding myself if I even tried. Basically, I started this as a way to document by own personal cigar journey. That means I’m often late to the party. I do, however, really like cigars. I pretty much took a hiatus from the hobby sometime in the late ’90s/early 2000s, sometime after the boom busted. When I came back, the industry had changed and I got to discover a whole new cigar world. Plus, the internet was major. So, my choices are pretty random. I get an itch about some cigar that’s new to me, or I get a sudden enthusiasm for, and write a review. That’s it.

Paul Stulac Lord

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6 x 44

I read somewhere that the Lord is called such because it is a collaboration between Travis Lord of Famous Smoke Shop, who worked in Albany at one of the CI subsidiaries. I do see it for sale as the Lord of Albany. It is not on the Paul Stulac website.Paul Stulac Lord unlit

Paul Stulac Lord footThe Lord is a nice looking Lonsdale. I like the slimmer vitolas, as you may know. It’s a lighter stick, not packed that tight and is a nice café au lait color. There are some bumps and veins. The cold draw is noticeably floral, reminding me of nothing so much as musk sticks – a type of candy (lollies) that you only find in Australia. They are a perfume-y sweet that Aussie kids rot their teeth on at a young age.

The stick starts off with these strong floral notes and a little spice. It continues with a interesting pungency, while the floral notes continue to dominate. Cream rises into the second third, so we end up with a rolling thick, creamy smoke filled with floral, sweetish flavors mildly spiced. As it moves into the last third, the cream carries the same flavors into a satisfying finish.

Paul Stulac burning

Paul Stulac ash

Overall, its a really nice lighter-bodied stick, with unusual flavors. I get bored with lighter sticks, frequently finding them quite dull. This is an interesting blend for a morning smoke: lots of flavor, light on the nicotine. I think it’ll be added to my shortlist of lighter cigars.

I know a lot people make a fuss about the Paul Stulac bands and artwork and I remember hearing an interview where he talked about working with the artist. They are distinctive and come off well (which is important to me), but they’re not really my taste. It may be that they have something of ‘metal’ vibe, with the skulls and such. I tend towards classic or artsy. Hey, what can I say.


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