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Small Smokes and Small Budgets, Part 2

Okay, so here we are 7 months later and I’m finally following up to my last post. I’m making no excuses this time: I just don’t blog that much. What can I say.

Anyway, small budgets… This is the thing, I love nice cigars but I’m not the wealthiest guy. I’m mostly a 5-pack kind of a guy. Guys like us take some risk putting hard-earned money down and finding out that the hot new cigar isn’t our thing. Buying a box is a rare if ever event.

Never fear, here are some box purchases which give you that great box-owning feeling, but allow you to eat for the month as well.

First up is the Ramon Bueso Genesis the Project robusto box.

Bueso Box

As far as I know, the Genesis (yeah, I’m cutting that name down) is a Cigars International conglomerate offering only. That means you can get the box under half price on auction. Do so if you decide to pick some up; don’t pay full retail. You’re basically getting 20 cigars for under $40.


The Genesis is almost like a poor man’s Liga Privada (I said almost). It’s a dense, dark stick, with a pretty oily wrapper. Of course the cap will fall off within a minute or two, but hey, relax, it costs the same as a candy bar. It doesn’t have the deep, dirty, earthy Liga thing, but it has enough earth, leather, cocoa to satisfy. Make sure it’s not too humidified, or it’ll just smolder at you. I think they do well with some time on them, so don’t smoke the whole box in a week.

Next up, we look at something completely different. The Curivari Buenaventura BV500.


The BV500 is a Cuban-styled Nicaraguan puro that comes in boxes of 10. The packaging is elegant and classic, and the cigar is amazing for the price. These are creamy, nutty, toasted cigars which I smoke earlier in the day. They’re often listed as a medium to full, and some of the retailer descriptions make you think they’re a powerhouse, but they’re actually much more subtle. They aren’t perfect; sometimes there’s a soft spot on the stick. They run about $50 for the box.

Back to the heavy end of the spectrum is the Man O’ War Puro Authentico which is an AJ Fernandez blend, also from the Cigars International conglomerate. I recommend getting these on auction as well.


These are a strong corona. I love the corona vitola and this thing packs a punch. Expect spice, espresso and cocoa. I love the closed foot and little pigtail. Just a note, I’ve read about people having trouble toasting the foot with a closed cap. The thing is, don’t: smoke it! It allows you taste the wrapper.



These are a great value at about $30 for a box of 10. Some of the sticks were obviously squashed when wet and come out a little bent, but what a cool little box! Just be aware, these are no joke strength wise. If you drink strong dark coffee, I can see this going well with that.

Anyway those are my bargain box recommendations. While you’re shopping look out for good deals on La Aurora. The more budget-friendly stick I like is the La Aurora 107, which is not a perfecto, like the classic La Auroras, but has nice, lighter flavorful Dominican profile.


I haven’t personally gotten a cheap box, but sometimes you see them or the 5-packs at a pretty reasonable price.

Happy budget smoking!


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